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After the Charlie Hebdo attack, along with the violence you see every day on the news it is hard to think about love. 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, the Embassy Bombing in 1998 and numerous active shooter incidents like Virginia Tech, bring out feelings of revenge or hatred not Love! How can we say God is love in a world filled with terror and hate? It is a good question that needs to be answered.

In the pastors class at FBC Espanola for the next several months we will be addressing this issue. Primarily we will be studying the old and new testaments to see what the Bible says about God and love. The Scripture says “God is Love.” Is this really true? If God is love then why is the world He created so messed up? How do we fit in God’s love? All of these and more will begin tomorrow in the Pastors class at FBC Espanola! The curriculum is attached below!

Pastor Paul

God is Love lesson 3 part 1