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Lisa and I had the privilege of attending the 2015 Legislature prayer breakfast this week. The breakfast is sponsored by the Baptist Convention of New Mexico Christian Life Commission and is provided for the state legislature and governmental officials on an annual basis. Lisa and I were at the table with the new speaker of the house Don Tripp from Socorro. One of the the featured speakers was Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez. We need to follow the scriptures and pray for those who are in our government. It was encouraging to see our law makers turn our for this event.

The Thursday night training leading up to the prayer breakfast on Friday morning featured Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Vice President of pastoral ministries for the Family Research Council, a conservative, Christian, political activist group. The emphasis of the training was how to set up an action team in your church. At the breakfast the next morning, Dr. Cureton continued the call for pastors to become active in the political process.

One of the problems we have in New Mexico is how much time and energy do you expend on things like this? How much time should be used by the pastor and church on worthy causes such as Christian political activism? It is a big problem in New Mexico because most Baptist churches in our state are a 1 staff church with small congregations. It is much easier to set up a political action committee if you have 10 full time staff members and hundreds of people to draw a team from. So how do you decide how to spend your time and energy, especially in the small church with such limited resources? Does the scriptures provide any insight as to what you should do as the church and how your time should be spent?

The answer is “yes,” there are many scriptures that tell us things we ought to focus on in the church. The message this week is one of them from I Timothy 4:13. Paul is giving Timothy advice on being a good church leader and pastor. This focal passage is often overlooked when I Timothy is studied even though it provides the core of what we should include in our church thinking, praying and planning. The 3 core principles are Scripture, Exhortation and Teaching. If you are keeping to one or all of these 3 core principles in every worship, Bible Study, church planning and even political activism session, then you will be accomplishing the main function that Jesus gives the church in the great commission. We are to be disciple makers and the 3 core principles of Scripture, Exhortation and Teaching are primary paths in that process.

Remember, “Make the Main thing the Main Thing!” When you follow the command of Christ for His body, the church, to make disciples, then whatever cause or direction God leads you to go will still ultimately lead the right way. Keep in mind the “The Core” when you are planning your church activities and services!

Pastor Paul

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