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Lisa and I were able to watch the Academy Awards last night. These awards are much more than just a statue! They give a cross section of American life and art. You also get a feel for the politics and moral stance of the presenters and winners. Actually, you know you are out of touch when you have no idea who most of the actors are and have never heard of their movies!

It amazes me to hear about the causes and morals that are represented in the awards. Gay liberation, women’s equal rights, equality of religion (as long as it is not Christian!) and animal rights issues. Neil Patrick Harris, the host, was not funny at all, or so I thought. 78% of New Mexicans thought he did a good job and was quite funny. Obviously, my idea of humor is different than 78% of people in our state. Much of the “humor” was insulting and had a very “insider” feel. Subtle and not so subtle presentations for various social causes and morals were inserted into the show wherever they could. Why Hollywood believes it needs to educate me in these political and moral issues I do not understand. My movie going has been characterized by enjoyment, a short escape from reality and not a desire for political re-education!

The only thing I can glean from these movies and causes is that we, as Christians, are at war with the world! Much of that which is lauded by Hollywood is classed as destructive sin by the Bible. So it is not a real surprise that I do not feel comfortable with much of what was presented at the awards! Movies and television seem bent on re-educating us into becoming just like the rest of the world, with the same values and goals. This type of living is diametrically opposed to what the Bible teaches about having a wonderful life in Christ. I guess we Christians are supposed to have as many marriages and addictions as the folks from Hollywood to truly be “happy.” Somehow it is believed that if we in society can just get away from morality and Christian values all of us will be insanely happy, living out our hollow and empty lives!

Another point that came to my mind after watching the awards is that there are many gates to Hell, but only one gate to heaven! Putting self before God, living a life of lust and trying to feel good about sin only leads down the broad path to destruction! The gate to Heaven leads through the narrow gate of Jesus and Him alone. Good deeds, political activism a high profile life can’t buy you a ticket to the heavenly ream. Only when you “surrender all to Jesus” can you truly find meaning in life and life after death!

The next two weeks of messages will focus on Gates! The broad gates of Hades and the narrow gate that lead to Christ and His eternal kingdom! We as Christians cannot be intimidated by the goals and ambitions of the broad gates of the world. We just need to go through the narrow gate and take the straight road to eternal life!

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