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In August 2014 I was invited (again) to join the New Mexico Singing Churchmen led by Lamar Morin of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. So with just a week or two to get ready I showed up on a Saturday in Rio Rancho, New Mexico to practice and do a concert that night. After years of leading music, singing in praise bands and not singing at all due to asthma inhaler caused chronic hoarseness it was rough. These guys are good! Not only are they good singers but they are just flat out good musicians! My normal placement in a choir is 2nd/1st tenor or sometimes 2nd alto. Lamar asked me to sing baritone! I can do it and it doesn’t sound bad but it is just not something I do very often.

The concert that night in August was amazing! I had trouble getting through it because I kept choking up! It’s not just the music it was the Spirit of God that I felt so strongly in the music and the group. Christian singing is not just for performance it is for worship! Sometimes when you are truly worshiping in song it is hard not to be overwhelmed by God’s presence!

Singing for the state convention at FBC Deming, NM was a little easier. Not only had I been practicing my baritone but I was much more comfortable with the music. Last week Lisa and I journeyed to Central Baptist Church in Clovis, NM for a concert. As I was singing I just felt God was saying “I gave you talent you need to use it!” Another awesome concert! Especially since I got to share the experience with my wife who seldom gets to go to these events.

Easter Celebration Sunday is upon us. Jojo Naval our music pastor asked me if I would sing for our Easter celebration. After much thought, prayer and three hours of Sunday afternoon practice an email was sent declaring my intent to sing this coming weekend.

The song I felt led to voice is “God of the Ages.” This song was written by a Liberty University student and made famous by Charles Billingsley of Thomas Road Baptist Church. The biggest problem in singing this song is the emotion! It’s the best praise song I have heard in years and when you sing it in true worship it is hard not to just break down and weep at the magnificence of God’s presence! Practicing this music as a singing churchman and now as a soloist has been a real worship experience.

Being concerned that my voice would not be up to the task (hasn’t always been in the past!) I used our new church worship camera to record my practice today. Wow…I couldn’t believe it…not only did I hit the notes but it was actually good! So I recorded it again several more times. I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

The point to this blog is not to “toot” my own musical horn but to declare that a change of attitude makes a difference! When Lisa and I moved to Espanola I did not expect to be singing or pastoring again. At most I figured our ministry would be doing transitional work. When FBC Espanola called me to be their pastor I determined that I was not going to sing unless I really sang from the heart! No more singing to be singing. In fact my thinking was “I am not going to be involved with the music at FBC until God makes it clear that I should.” What a difference singing to God and for God makes in the quality of your song! When you make performing secondary and put praising God first there is a freedom of song that just overflows from the heart!

We hope to see you at FBC Espanola this Sunday! Jojo and Cindy Naval are bringing a special as well as Don Norris. There will be lots of congregational singing along with a Biblically based message of celebration and encouragement! Come and join us in celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord at 10:45 Sunday morning.

Keep an eye on our YouTube True Life Channel for the full 2015 FBC Easter Celebration!