“Not a Red Letter day!”

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Though it is being hailed as such, it is not a “red letter day” for America! I looked up where the words came from “All men are created equal” that President Obama quoted this morning in his speech commenting on the supreme court decision. We all know it is a phrase from the Declaration of Independence, primarily drafted by Thomas Jefferson with the help of several other famous patriots. Jefferson got the idea from John Locke’s concept of “Natural law.” Though it can be debated that Locke was a Christian, there is no debate about where he got his ideas from. Locke claims the scriptures are “infallible” and though there are mysteries he does not understand, he claims that it’s teachings are to be followed. Since the Declaration of Independence also makes a claim for men to be “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” There is obvious Biblical influence. So though America was never a “Christian” nation,” and was never meant to be, (separation of church and state) it’s governing principles, according to the founders were based on Locke’s natural laws that he got from “infallible” scriptures. So when the president quoted from the “Declaration of Independence” this morning he was inferring that same sex marriage falls under the words originally written at the foundation of our country. This cannot be true, for the Bible specifically warns against same sex relationships. If the founding fathers, many of whom were Deists, and not traditional Christians, believed that a nation following Biblical principles would be strong, then LGBT acceptance could not fall under the original words in the Declaration of Independence. There are more than 20 verses, directly or indirectly, referring to what we would call today the LGBT lifestyle. This does not include the verse in Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” So though the decision today by the Supreme Court is hailed by many as a breakthrough in equality, it is actually a landmark event that declares that America no longer adheres to the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that used the Declaration for foundational principles. Since these principles were built on a Biblical foundation then America today has stated that it is no longer a nation based on Biblical teachings. For if there is no God to “create” then all men are not created equally. If all men come into existence through evolutionary chance, then some are superior to others in the dance of “survival of the fittest.” This is the death knell of true liberty! What today’s historic passage really means is that America no longer has a Judeo-Christian basis of law and that it has made the transition to an “Atheist” nation taking equality of men with it! For there is no basis for “All men” being created equal under the doctrine of evolution! So today, America has declared it’s independence from the guiding principles of our founders and moved into the realm of a secular state, doing whatever feels good for the masses, but no longer guided by the immortal words ” Many will hail this change as a good thing. Others, myself included, will mourn the loss of our heritage and try to adjust to the changing fabric of a totally secular state!